Submissions for Holeapalooza are OPEN! 

Bands and DJs: As of right now, 14 bands and DJs with half hour set times each is the plan, but I will have to run it by the venue to confirm. If we have less submissions than expected we will rethink the set times. 

Vendors: I am trying to allocate as much vendor space as possible, being that it is First Friday which means there will be a lot of people out and about. 

Artists: Id love to see live painters, flow and visual artists, and anything else that fits the vibe of the evening submit. 


If everyone would kindly fill out the appropriate section of the form attached to the Holeapalooza tab, I will be get back to you on details, but I am trying to accommodate as many of you as I can. This is a long process, so please be patient on a response.